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Our Hours is the CWU campaign to remove the 60 minute Personal Travel Time at the beginning and end of day for our Openreach engineers. 



Sign the Online Petition 

The Our Hours campaign is receiving overwhelming support from our members across Openreach Ltd.


Our paper based petition has resulted in thousands of one to one conversations between National, Regional and Local CWU representatives with our members.


Our members in desk roles and those in the field without the 60 minute personal travel time commitment in their contracts stand fully behind our objectives and are actively supporting the campaign.

We have now launched an online petition which will allow even more of you to show your support and back the Our Hours campaign.


It will only take a minute of your time to help us remove the 60 minute travel time burden from thousands of our members.


Please complete the petition below and thanks for your support.


Listen to Davie Bowman and Julia Upton from our Executive team to find out why the campaign is top priority for the CWU. 

Become a Point of Contact

To run effective campaigns, we need everyone on board. 

Points of Contact (POC) play a vital role in our campaigns by getting our message into teams and feeding back information to us. 


To become a point of contact, please email 

Subscribe to the Our Hours Campaign WhatsApp Broadcast List   

if being a Point of Contact is not something you want to do, you can still sign up to our Our Hours WhatsApp messages. 

We can't send messages to your work phones, so please make sure you only give us your personal mobile numbers. 

Just full in the form below. Simple! 

Thanks for submitting! We'll be in touch with instructions to make sure you can see our messages