National Day of Action - 1st October 2020


Thank you to all BT and Openreach members who took part in the activity all around the Branch. Our next Day of Action is 5th November so please add the date to your diary. Please also continue to raise your concerns to management and keep up the campaign activity to keep the profile high...

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Don't forget to use #CountMeIn when you post anything to do with the campaign on social media

  • Count Me In Selfie Challenge

    Working From Home or Out in the Field....

    If you're currently working from home, you can still take part in the campaign by taking a selfie holding up the Count Me In Campaign logo. 

    Then post on Facebook or Twitter with the #CountMeIn hashtag.  

    Please also send to the Branch at or WhatsApp to 07849104582 and we'll use it in our own posts too, so don't worry if you don't want to post this on your own personal social media accounts.

    Download and print off a poster here or simply download and hold up on your tablet! 

    If you're out and about doing a mobile role, you can still take part. Take a selfie of you holding up the Count Me In Campaign logo. 


    Make sure you don't show your BT or Openreach passcard in the photo. 

    Then post on Facebook or Twitter with the #CountMeIn hashtag and send to the Branch at or WhatsApp to 07849104582

  • Record a video

    Tell us why you're backing the campaign

    There's no doubt that the way BT are treating their employees has changed.


    A change of BT Board has seen a change in their approach to staff. 

    We want to know your story.


    How long have your worked for BT, what role do you do and how are you affected by BT's current strategy.

    How have things changed since you began working for the company? 

    Then post on Facebook or Twitter with the #CountMeIn hashtag 

    Or you could send to the Branch at or WhatsApp to 07849104582 and we'll do the rest! 

    Don't be shy! 

  • Feedback to BT management 

    We need members to raise their concerns to their managers  

    It's so important that you tell the company how you feel about the way the company is behaving towards you. 

    Our job security and terms and conditions are under attack. We need to be united in our message to management that it is just not acceptable. 

    Speak up during team talks, on internal online forums and during All Hands and team calls. You can do this professionally and without breaching BT's social media policy #Digital You. Speak to colleagues and ask them to speak up to. Solidarity is the key. 

    Many of you posted on Openreach and BT Workplace on our first day of action on 1st October and attended and posted comments on the Q & A session held by Clive Selley. It's important we build on this as the campaign gathers momentum.


    Look out for other Q&A sessions and put your questions to the managers right at the top of the organisation.

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