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BT Hybrid Scheme (BTHS)

The BTHS is no longer open to new applications. All BT employees who were in the BT Pension scheme had the option to enter the BT Hybrid Scheme between 1st April 2019 and 30th September 2019. 

The scheme is part Defined Benefit (up to £17.5k which is index linked) and part Defined Contribution.


How it works 

Each year you build up:


  • A block of Defined Benefit pension and a cash lump sum payable at age 65.


  • You’ll have an individual Defined Contribution pot into which BT will pay a monthly contribution. You can also choose to pay extra contributions into this and you would benefit from tax relief and National Insurance (NI) savings on your contributions. 


Benefits are also payable to your beneficiaries on your death or to you if you suffer from ill health in certain circumstances.


You can contact the BT Hybrid Scheme administrator by:


Phone: 020 7007 9347

Please note the phone lines are open Monday to Friday between 9:00am and 5:00pm 

Manage your benefits online

You can access information about your Defined Benefits on the Deloitte Pensions Member Portal by visiting

Your Rewards on the BT Intranet or

Any changes to your Defined Contribution investments can be made through Standard Life Online Servicing by visiting

Your Rewards on the BT Intranet or

Please contact the BT Hybrid Scheme administrator if you:​​


  • notice that any of your personal details are incorrect

  • change your name, address or marital status

  • would like someone to be considered for any lump sum benefits in the event of your death

  • would like someone to be considered for a dependant’s pension benefit in the event of your death

  • would like to submit or update an expression of wish form in relation to lump sum death benefits

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